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Financial Planning & Operations Manager ($100k/year) Online Hiring Tournament

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1075 дней назад
5 мая 2018 c 13:00 до 16:00

Financial Planning & Operations Manager ($100k/year) Online Hiring Tournament

Please pay special attention the start-end time is UTC.

We’re running an Online Hiring Tournament on May 5th to hire Financial Planning & Operations Manager ($100K/yr).

This event will include all testing for the role. Upon grading the deliverables from the event, we will set up qualified candidates with an interview with the hiring manager.

You can see more details about this role here: https://www.crossover.com/financial...

The Financial Planning & Operations Manager’s role will be to utilize standard reporting & analysis platforms and data structures to architect, implement and deploy finance insight tools across the organization. The key to valuable insights will be to integrate data structures, automate finance analysis and merging of complex finance flows of a multinational and heterogeneous corporation.

The Finance Planning & Operations Manager will collaborate with finance and engineering teams to investigate finance flows, converting business requirements into reports and insights of enterprise quality. You design reports, integrate data and implement planning and analysis reports, train the reporting team, design support procedures, lead work streams, continually improve processes and outcomes.


Required Experience and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (MBA preferred) in Business, Finance, Accounting or a related field
  • 4+ years of hands-on experience in financial analysis with management responsibilities.
  • Ability to think clearly in difficult situations
  • Ability to triage, quickly identify the most critical issues & put smaller issues to the side.
  • Maintain focus on the larger problems (not losing these smaller issues and giving them some progress, though)
  • Experience multi-tasking, managing priorities, knowing what needs to be done first and what can wait. Not necessarily in the order received
  • Working remotely, available at least partially during US business hours.
  • Proficient in both written and spoken English.


This role may be a great fit if:

  • You are well-organized, accurate in details, attentive and structured.

  • You have a creative mindset to determine the best way to solve a particular problem since there could be multiple solutions.

  • You keep communications with all interested parties, create a clear visibility: about current team status and provisioning of results for Sr. Management; about targets, focus and priorities for the staff under your supervision.

  • You’re not a lone-wolf; you enjoy working as a team and like bouncing ideas off of each other.


We recommend that you attend the tournament instead of applying online, as our tournament process will be much faster.

Register at the green button, where we’ll ask you some brief questions about your background. Webinar address and test platform link will be sent to confirmed candidates.

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